Property Managers

Frequently Asked Questions

Guest Management

We believe that guest management is paramount. Every guest that books with us is instructed to contact Dormigo with any questions, not building management. At no point do we direct the guest to the leasing office or team. If there is ever an issue with a guest, please inform us immediately so that we can remedy the situation. We will take all necessary steps to minimize building management’s interaction with our guests.

How long do guests typically stay?

Stay lengths vary based on many factors, including the time of year, holidays, and local events. Our typical stay is 3-4 days, but we have had guests stay as long as three months.

Do you communicate with guests if they need anything?

Yes, we have someone managing guest communication from 9AM-10PM CT everyday.

What if guests get locked out? Are you nearby?

Yes! If a guest is locked out we send someone over right away to give them a new set of keys.

Safety and Security

Our view is that this is an apartment, not a hotel, and our tenants expect a certain level of safety given they have to go through background screening, via the booking platforms we use. The screening is very important to us as it directly affects our product, so we verify guests and service providers and follow clear guidelines to keep your building safe. We have never had an issue with any of our platforms allowing the wrong type of guest to book with us.

Regulatory Compliance

Before entering a market, we research all local and state laws regarding short-term rentals. We get permits, pay taxes and ensure that we can operate legally. Once we find favorable regulations, we then sign a lease with your company that includes an addendum that states we may operate in your building.

How do you handle check in/out/cleaning?

We handle every aspect of guest services, including check-in and check-out. We outsource our cleanings to local professionals, who clean the entire apartment after each guest.

Local Presence

We have full-time Operation Managers in Chicago, Austin and Nashville, as well as teams of Operation Associates in each city. They handle all the groundwork for check-ins, check-outs, cleanings, etc. We have already partnered with buildings in all 3 cities and are continuing to grow and develop our units. We anticipate growth in our team as we continue to expand our units.

How long have you been doing this?
We’ve been managing short-term rentals since May 2016.
Kick-out Provision

We have a zero tolerance policy for disruption. Our guests do go through a screening process and are made to understand our rules ahead of time. Although it is extremely rare, we will evict a guest if they do not comply with our policies.

What other buildings are you in?

It depends on the city, but we are happy to give you a few references.

Have more questions?

We will return your inquiry within 48 hours.